dark chocolate cupcake heaven

My best friend, Jess, has been sick. While she was sick, she craved chocolate cupcakes. She was feeling a lot better today and so I made her some dark chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting. We don't have air conditioning in our place (yet) so it was so hot in the kitchen! I made it through, though. Luckily, they baked really quickly. I need to buy an oven thermometer. I think our oven gets way too hot. Luckily, I was keeping an eye on the cupcakes. Sammy the Dog decided to hang out in the kitchen with me. I think his little corner is his little cool spot, under the table.

dark chocolate cupcakes
sammy sam

Edit: I have been checking out new blogs lately (looking for inspiration; I feel like I have lost mine)and I have only been inspired to change more things on my blog. Ahhhh! I promise I won't. I have barely had this design. I just need to make it to the fall with this layout and then I can have something wonderfully autumnal. Yes...

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