always saying goodbye

It's weird how much more I am shooting that I have started this blog than I was around this time last year. Actually, I haven't shot this much since I was building my high school portfolio and I would just like to say, I couldn't be happier. Having a camera can be a great way to start a conversation. It can create a new friend, like I made last week at the brewery tour. I met Laura's friend, Ally, only once before in Chicago. We got a talk a lot more when she came with Laura to Chicago and she was asking me all sorts of fun camera questions. By the end of the night, I was like,"Why am I not friends with this girl?!"

Well, this week, like I said, was filled with work. Due to weather confusion, Stephanie and I couldn't do her shoot this week. That's okay because I just ordered a wide angle lens so it'll be something new to play with. Friday night, we said goodbye to our friend, Lauren. She's moving down to Chicago and while it's not far and I frequent Chicago enough, it's still sad. I feel like I lose a lot of good people to that city. Damn, you, Chicago!


  1. I am always approached by people of all sorts when I'm taking pictures in public. Sometimes it's annoying especially when approached some bragging "real photographers," but most of the time I enjoy their conversation. I've definitely made some friends through it.

  2. i agree.. blogging definitely has me using my camera more often.. love it :)