weekend success

I think this is how weekends are supposed to be: filled with laughing, eating, and good times. My weekends are usually pretty low-key. I work all weekend and usually don't feel up to much, but for some reason, I had off on Saturday. My mom started painting the kitchen so I felt it was best to get out of her way. I actually went to Jess' job to get her some food, as well as get some food for me and coffee, too. That night, Jess and her co-worker, Kaitlyn, were hanging out so I went over there and we had some fun, sitting on the porch and whatnot. That is where the picture of Kaitlyn is from. I don't remember what she was laughing at.

Sunday, I got home from work and I just wanted a shower. Well, my mom decided to paint the bathroom, too. Blurgh! Jess' family is in town and they were all over at our place. I went over there to shower and they convinced me to stick around. There was going to be guacamole and margaritas so I had to stay, haha. Did I mention Jess' aunt is an amazing cook? Because she is! Saturday night, she made us stir-fry that was super tasty. Sunday night, she made bean burritos and the margaritas. Jess made the guacamole again and it was so tasty! Before dinner, though, we looked through their family photos, which was a blast for me. I loved looking at all of the old photographs.

Today, my brother comes into town from California. He's taking over my room (sad face), but I offered it so whatever. I may not be posting much, but I'll be around.

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