UNO smackdown


We planned to play a couple rounds of UNO. We thought it would be about ten people showing up. We were fooled. We had so many people we had to use the studio space next door to the gallery that has some of my photos. When we arrived, Jess and I walked to Dairy Queen for some Blizzards. Everyone was looking around the gallery so we had plenty of time.

I had never played the Harry Potter UNO game before. That was really fun. I like that they use some elements from the world of Harry Potter in the game itself (Invisibility Cloak, Howler, Expelliarmus). Poor Catey got picked on a lot at our table. In some rounds, she could only put one card down. She would have to draw two or four or get skipped. She practically had a deck in her hand!

Towards the end, we brought out Apples to Apples. I love that game. It's so fun! We were there rather late, but I had a good time. I hope everyone had a great weekend and that your Mondays are going well.

listening to: Fleet Foxes Mykonos

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  1. You even make UNO look amazing! haha Seriously talented! What is apples to apples? Never played it. haha

    Looks like fun!