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A while ago, I did a post about my research workbook from high school. I only showed the pages I liked from those research workbooks, but I started one on my own to keep track of my photographic progress. I also have photos from photographers that I find inspiring. Lately, I've been trying to weed out the best photos that I have shot from the past few months into that workbook. That is what I have been working on outside of the blog world.

Also, last night, Alex and I finally watched Kick Ass. What an awesome movie. If I have a kid and it's a little girl, I'm going to train her to be a total bad-ass like Hit Girl. I didn't think I would like it. I feel like this whole Superhero thing is possibly way overdone in the movies nowadays. Adam would probably murder me for saying that, but we all have the things that we like and dislike. What I happen to be sick of is what Adam LOVES, which are comic book superheroes. Tomorrow night, Alex and I are hanging out with Legan and we're going to make pina coladas. They will be so tasty! I cannot wait.

I bought this bag from work. It's a beach tote, but I can fit my entire life in there.

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  1. ahhh i always see that green journal in barnes and noble.. one day i'll buy it hehe so cute. i have a bunnchhhh of journals to get through first :)