private eyes are watching you

I don't care how much of a dork anyone thinks I am, but I love Hall & Oates. I don't understand music snobs. "Oh, I liked them before blah blah blah." or "Oh, they got too popular for me." Blah, whatever. I only bring this up because I'm so happy none of my friends are music snobs. Jess, Erika, and I went to Hall & Oates where we met our co-worker, Gary. What a great show! I heard every song I wanted to hear and people watching was awesome. Everyone was dancing without a care in the world and it was great.

Untitled from Elis on Vimeo.

I'm surprised I can pump out this post in ten minutes. I'm going to be hanging out with my brother this afternoon and then who knows? I'll end this entry with my favorite Hall&Oates song/video. And a picture of some flowers I shot this morning.

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