pancake and waffle weekend

I think I recall how this got started: who makes the best brats/sausage? How do brats and sausage relate to pancakes and waffles? (I don't mean breakfast sausage) Well, we had a day at work where people brought in what they felt were the best brats and sausage in the Southeastern Wisconsin area. What a glorious weekend that was! So much delicious food! We have a lot of master chefs at my job. However, these master chefs fail at making pancakes/waffles (*cough*Jason, Stephanie*cough*). Well, after the Bratwurst/Sausage challenge, we had a weekend where we all brought in our favorite ice cream toppings. We also did have a pancake waffle day in the past, but this was a weekend of epic pancake/waffle proportions.

Some things that were brought in to make the most delicious pancakes/waffles: chocolate chips (Ghirardelli & Tollhouse), chocolate & extra creamy whipped cream, powdered sugar, nutella, strawberries, honey chevre...I don't think I am missing anything. I even got to work early on Sunday to make Joe and I some breakfast. It was awesome! And tasty. People liked my "secret ingredients" that I added to the batter. The strawberries were so sweet and delicious! We need to come up with more days like this. Maybe another ice cream day?

Edit: After setting up this post last night, I remembered that there was another debate that sparked our interest in Pancake/Waffle days: butter & syrup on your waffles/pancakes or just syrup? Yeah, we have some pretty heated debates at work, lemme tell ya.

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  1. hehe i say syrup only.. unless i am STARVING then i'll add a little butter..

    this sounds like the best idea ever. everyone bringing in their best pancakes? i love it!

    you should have one where everyone brings in the best thing they think they make.. so you have a variety.. ooo the possibilities :)