feeling appreciated indeed

I made some great purchases this week. Employee appreciation! It's when I buy everything that I've coveted for about half a year and also stock up on journals. I moved my journal collection into the new house and Jess wanted one. I could not let her have my owl one that took me three years to drop that money on it. No regrets, no sir/ma'am.

I have been slowly building up my classics collection. I have added To Kill a Mockingbird, A Separate Peace, Peter Pan, and Daisy Miller to my collection this year. I can't help it-- I love books! I got into a discussion with a man about his granddaughter today. He was buying all of these workbooks for her so that when she came over during the summer, he could have her reading at a higher grade level. I thought that was so wonderful. I nearly hugged the man. I think starting to read when you're very young can either help or hinder you. It helped me a great deal. It turned me into a total bookworm. However, I have also heard things from the other end of the spectrum, from kids who were forced to read when they were young and now, they hate reading. That makes me sad.

So, Wisconsin is back to this cold summer weather. Two days of summer and then back to the 50s. Great summer, Wisconsin. See you next year, I guess? Before the drop in temperature, however, Jess, Arie, and I met at Whole Foods for some tasty gelato. Arie was nice enough to buy all of ours. I've met her only once before so I thought that was very nice. She got to see our apartment and we drank beers on the porch (I feel like this is becoming a tradition) while the sun was setting. It was fantastic. Arie left around 8 (this was Tuesday night) and Jess and I watched a few episodes of Arrested Development (MARRY ME!). Something to look forward to this weekend: EPIC UNO SMACKDOWN. It'll be vicious. The slogan for this get together (which George and I came with this afternoon) No blood, just puking. That's how we roll, I guess.

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