eight days

storm clouds

I love when it is cloudy out. I just hope that it's not cloudy tomorrow. Tomorrow is my day off! Jess and I have to pick up the table for our apartment and it would be nice if the sun was out. Make things feel like summer. I was reminded by a coworker that Summerfest starts a week from Wednesday. I can't believe it. It doesn't even feel like it should be happening, but it's just around the corner. I am super excited to see Hall & Oates in concert. You did read that correctly. I typed "Hall & Oates". It will probably be the only night that I go. I dislike the drunken crowds usually, but I have to see Hall & Oates. I would love to see Peter Frampton and the Black Keys, but I can't take all that time off of work.

Speaking of work, tomorrow, I will have to take some time to post from my computer. I'm on Alex's laptop and I have photos I need to upload and post. Kirsten and I took some goofy pictures today so be on the look out for that post! Maybe I'll get some nice breakfast pictures tomorrow with Alex. I hope we go to the Original Pancake House. Or somewhere I can get thick slices of French Toast. Now I'll go to sleep dreaming of maple syrup and pancakes, haha.

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