alive and well

It may seem as if I have fallen off the face of the planet, but I swear, I have not. The weather is finally normal for this time of year (super humid, 90ish) so I've been getting my tan on and just enjoying walking around and spending time with friends. I have some amazingly big news in my life that I would like to share: I am moving out. Hooray! I am not moving out until the fall, but my best friend, Jessica, is already living in our super adorable place. I am second mommy to her adorable kitten, Rose (Rose isn't really a kitten, but we still call her kitten) and our place is the perfect size for the two of us. We're already planning cooking parties because we both enjoy cooking and baking. We're foodies, for sure.

Yesterday was a lovely day off. Alex and I visited a co-worker who was leaving (VICKI, WE WILL MISS YOU!). We brought her a bag full of delicious chocolates. We were at work for quite a while since Alex doesn't really work there anymore (except for Sundays) so we visited everyone he would normally see only during the week. Then we went to Sobelman's and OH MY EFFING GOODNESS. I already love Sobelman burgers, but our waitress offered us other sauces to put on top of our burgers besides ketchup. I tuned out to what she was saying after "Barbecue Sauce". She brought out two kinds: "regular" and a special SPRECHER ROOT BEER BARBECUE SAUCE. Holy cow. That was the best. Didn't touch the regular at all. The root beer barbecue sauce was so good.

Alright, well enough about food and whatnot. I feel like I'm just babbling now. It's also starting to storm outside so I should wrap this up. Onto the photos...(the first three are from our new place, the rest are from a pina colada adventure with Alex and Legan)


How very Milwaukee of us to have a trail called The Beer Line. It starts near our place and ends up close to Miller Stadium.

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