sicky pie

Blurgh, I'm sick. I'd been kind of going through the days sick for the past two days, but this morning, I could barely talk. I'd been coughing all night and just felt so icky. I blamed Kirsten, but I'm not serious about that. Sure, it's entirely possible since she just got over being sick, but I do work in a public place. Germs are everywhere! Well, I just slept for hours so I decided to update with photos from hanging out with Jess and her roommates last night. It was Alison's birthday yesterday so we were all outside, enjoying the lovely weather. Jess and Daniel also finished up with their exams so they were celebrating that. It was a good time. We're in for some warm weather this weekend.

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  1. aw boo! feel better! being sick is such a pain in the butt.. bllaaahhh