I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have been reading a lot and it just got warm here (FINALLY). However, we don't have our a/c in yet and my room is ridiculously hot during the day (my computer is in my room). Excuses, excuses! Well, I managed to still take photos, even in my absence. I'll try to catch up. I am reading The Psychopath Test and Never Let Me Go. I still have to review Hint Fiction and After the Quake. Just some things to look forward to and I highly recommend all four books I just mentioned.

Last week, I went for a walk in Doctors Park. I love walking through the trees and arriving at the beach is always nice. My quads got a serious work out that day. Ridiculous hills! It was all good, though. I have to edit the videos I shot on my walk as well so I can post them.

i like doors
spiral stairs

listening to: Fleet Foxes The Plains/Bitter Dancer

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