north dakota man was gunning for the border

I realize it's only 12 o'clock and I'm ready for a nap. What a full day, so far! I've shot two rolls of color medium format film (using Fujicolor Professional Portrait PRO 400H - 120), updated A Photographer's Closet, and I haven't even eaten yet. I kind of want an egg sandwich. I think I'll make one once I'm done with this post.

I went for a walk in the woods again and I saw that turkey lurking around the building again! So weird! I mean, I guess it's the one that a year or two ago, my mom and I saw it hanging out by the cars on our street. he found a new home in the woods, which is good. Better than on a dinner plate, hah. The first two photos I'm posting are of what I keep in my purse. I'll have to do a proper What's in your Purse type post, but for now, they will do.

turkey, lurkin'

I wish I could recall what blog this was on and that I would've commented on it. It was a style blog and the author was commenting on how they were trying to take a picture of something in public and didn't understand how you photographers do it. I've always had this mindset of that when I see someone staring at me, I think What the hell are you looking at? I guess that helps to repeat that in my head so I don't worry about what people are thinking while I take a photo. Who cares? They don't know you or what you're doing. Who are they to judge?

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  1. Nice post! glad i found this blog!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer!

    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  2. Nice pictures I love seeing other peoples random pictures and yours are super cute :)

    Nice blog - Following now


  3. Now I'm tempted to do a purse entry... I keep so many random things in my purse. And my purse is adorable. So.

    Kind of like you. Obviously.

  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers! How I miss that band...
    I have been browsing your flickr to choose the exact precise print I want haha I'm in between three. but my budget friendly days day I need one. I'm waiting for my best friend to come to my house and see which one he likes. lol

    I have a Holga as well. Love em. That dreamy feeling. (three rolls full of photos and I have yet to take em to print)

    take care miss!