Inspiration: Leigh Ellexson

I haven't done an inspiration post for a while. It's not for lack of inspiration, trust me. I have, surprisingly, just had a lot of my own stuff to post. This post is of Leigh Ellexson's work. She's the youngest of the inspirational photographers I have previously posted about (18). I love the way she edits her photos and videos. Her amazing videos inspired me to create my own.

Taken from her profile on flickr: "I use a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. I edit my pictures with Paint Shop Pro 8, I edit my stop motions with Windows Movie Maker, and I edit my videos with Sony Vegas Pro."
She also has a tumblr page.


  1. those first 2 are awwwwwwesome. totally in love with them.

    don't worry.. the spring colors here are fading, so when mine are all gone you'll still be enjoying yours :)

  2. Hello you.
    I'm gonna say something that you've heard a lot i guess.
    Your pictures are lovely.
    specially the fourth one to me :)