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I always carry a purse with me. Actually, not always. If it's something like quick, I usually won't. Just my license and iPod and such,. Anyhow, I recent bought this purse at Target. I have so much room for everything I carry with me. The only thing not pictured is my Nikon D3000 because I'm using it to take the pictures.

1. my rough draft moleskine. I write all of my poems in there and edit them as well. I recently just printed that collage from Tumblr.
2. Two books I am reading: Tina Fey's Bossypants and The Lotus Eaters.
3. I need a new wallet. This one is so pretty, but it's kind of falling apart. I need one that's durable, possibly smaller.
4. When the warm weather hits, so does the humidity and curly hair becomes frizzy hair. I keep this stuff in my purse in case of emergency.
5. Apple Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.
6. Well duh.
7. Marc Jacobs Daisy
8. My eyes get really dry and my allergies dry them up as well. Blurgh. So I always have eye drops on hand.
9. business card case & a coin purse I use to hold my bobby pins.
10. iPod radio transmitter
11. iPod
12. The Best of Radiohead

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  1. I have that same hand sanitizer! haha + I'm a Radiohead fan hehe Saw em live and I almost died of happiness haha Love this post!