central and remote

This weekend was kind of insane at work. I was exhausted the entire time. I felt like I kind of went through things in a daze. It's entirely possible. I just lacked so much sleep. I don't know why I just couldn't sleep. Quite possibly because I've been having these odd dreams, but I won't talk about those. They are just creepy and terrifying. I realize that I am rarely on the computer on the weekends. I don't know why. Well, probably because a lot of homework is associated with the computer, therefore, I take a break on the weekends, I suppose. I don't know. I didn't photograph too much this weekend, either. I did take my photos in to be developed. I ordered some film that should be delivered shortly. Come on, UPS!

On a walk with my cousin and his dog the other day, we encountered this odd house. I picked up a slice of pizza at Classic Slice and we watched two movies. I have pictures of the pup on film, but those will take about two weeks to send out.

listening to: Grizzly Bear Central and Remote

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  1. ha! i wonder what the inside of the house looks like!

    i have not been able to sleep either.. at alllll. hence why i am awake right now at 2:40am. ahhhhh. it's so bad.

    This summer will be my 1st time in yosmeite! yay! i can't wait. i've been wanting to go since foreverrr. if you need any nyc adventure advice or anything, let me know :D