no more runnin

I have the day off. Hooray! It feels kind of weird to not work a Friday, but I could get used to this :) So the other day, I went to my cousin's house where I baked those delicious cookies. Seriously, if you get a chance to try my recipe, you will not be disappointed. That Tuesday was rather overcast, but we still went for a walk by the lake with his dog, Apollo. That is a crazy dog. We were trying to tire him out so that when his wife got home late, he wouldn't want to play and she could just relax. How thoughtful! He also made popcorn (he seriously built a theater room in his basement) and we watched a movie. It was a great day off, to do something different. We're starting a tradition, I guess. That way, we can get exercise, play with the dog, and I can get even more acquainted with the neighborhood so I'm comfortable when I house-sit for them again.


  1. ooo is that a weimaraner? my boyfriend wants one.. or a german shorthaired pointer. both breeds are super energetic though i guess.

    the next time i bake cookies i'm going to try your recipe.. looks yummy!

  2. you won't be disappointed with that recipe. so good!

    and yes, that is a weimaraner.