long days

so i am still sick. i've had a fever all weekend. it's pretty great! (not really). i feel so blurgh! i just want to go to sleep. but alas, i must work. my fever has gone down, but jeez, i have this pain in my back that is killing me! gosh, i'm so whiny in this post. that's what happens when i'm sick-- i'm very whiny.

i don't know why i still have the tv on. sex & the city on E! is not so great. too many bleep outs. it's not something that should be on any other channel than hbo. alright, enough about that. this morning i worked at my friend's coffee shop. it was once a gas/service station, but that was years ago. it was my very first job and now i help out on occasion whenever the boss needs a break. now i'll be leaving so i can work my other job. hooray! long day.

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  1. I get so whiny when I'm sick, too. It's just part of the territory.

    Also, it's insane how long we've been friends that I remember you working at this coffee shop. :D