gold lion

in less than twenty four hours, laura patrice will be in town and i will be the happiest kid around! i hope she wants to go on a night time adventure because that's when i've had the most fun taking pictures. maybe i could get her to drive me over the hoan bridge to get pictures of the lights i see when i'm coming from bay view. ideas, ideas! i just can't wait for her to get here, no matter what we do, really.

the other day i went on an adventure in a park near my house. i wish i could've gotten a picture of this waterfall when it was frozen, but the temperatures have been in the 30s-40s so things around here are beginning to melt significantly. i can't wait for the really warm weather. i mean, with as quickly as the months are going (i can't believe it's march already!), warm weather is just around the corner.

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