you are such a crazy girl

i went to art bar last night after work. it was only my second time there and i was weary at first because it was so loud and packed the last time i was there. well, i suppose there was a musical performance going on, haha, but it was nice. i didn't know jayne was going to be there and i love jayne. we had very many conversations, ranging from silly to academic and it was just an all around good time. plus, rum&coke = my fave. the bartender was really nice, we chatted with some fellow uwm students and i did not want the night to end! we stayed until close to bar close, which is only the second time i've done that. luckily, i had the day off so i did my errands in the early afternoon. the weather is still beautiful. most of the snow has melted and while the grass is not so pretty (crunchy brown grass is not cute), it feels like spring really got here early. please stick around, nice weather! you make it easy to go outside in just a hoodie.

deep in conversation

deep in thought

oh, yeah, forgot to mention that jayne and daniel decided to arm wrestle at one point. i really enjoy the smug look of satisfaction on daniel's face and how determined jayne still looks, even though she lost. (i still love you, jayne!)

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