snow day!

the above images are what i shot last night when i came home from work, just looking down my street and at the lamp post outside my window. driving home took forever, but i make really long playlists so luckily i have an ipod connector dealie. Yep, that's the official name. Mostly, I just listened to Lupe Fiasco and Fleet Foxes. I am loving my new 35mm lens, let me tell you! It's so beautiful and works how I want it to. I am getting several inquiries on my Olympus PEN E-PL1 on Amazon, but I find a lot of them to be rather rude and demanding. I should expect that since some of our dissatisfied customers tend to storm out, claiming they're going to exclusively shop through Amazon. Meh. I did have a nice guy that I'm hoping will buy it.

The snow is insane here and we're supposed to get more tonight. Schools are closing and the mall that our store is attached to also is closing at 5pm tomorrow. I am really confused if that means I still have to come in since our store has our own hours. I'm hoping not or that I will at least get some sort of phone call letting me know. I don't see why they wouldn't.

Saturday was Jess' "End of Semester Party". Rather late, I know. I guess more like a "Blow Off Some Steam Before the Semester Kicks Your Ass Party", but whatever. I wasn't in charge of naming it. Also not in charge of informing people what kind of drinks were available! (Yeah, I am still bitter about the Captain...leave me alone) [i'm kidding] I took lots of pictures so look out below! I like having a photo-blog again. It's rather fun to post things, even if I don't think anyone reads this. Hmph.

I realize in these pictures, it looks like Daniel was commanding a lot of the attention, but I swear it's a coincidence.

John's lovely wife, Amelia, cutting baguettes and grating parmesan.

Amazing meatball subs John made.

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