scrabble, boggle, and best friends

i have been busy putting together a portfolio for COLOR magazine and curating a little fashion blog. it's really fun to just have some time off. i've had two days off. yesterday, i hung out with my best friend. that usually means a little bit of shopping, ice cream, and bad 90s teen movies. we watched clueless and it was amazing. we also played with the cat a little bit. her name is rose.

yesterday, i also purchased some new boots. my sister-in-law gave me a gift card to dsw. i decided that it's cold a lot more than it is warm so i needed warmer boots that i could wear everyday. durable boots. so that's what i purchased. my new coat also arrived. it's warm and long. i feel so prepared to take winter on. it hasn't been that cold, though. well, i guess thirteen degrees is pretty cold. my coat has been keeping me so warm that i don't realize how cold it actually is. amazing.

i've been playing a lot of word games on pogo. a little bit of scrabble and boggle. i'm getting better at coming up with words. i feel like such a wordsmith. i'm still playing in the beginner rooms, though. not quite up there with the "big dogs".

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