i hate that it took me so long to finally update, but it's not as though anyone reads this blog anyway. no pity party here, just the truth. i am working on a project today that entails taking a picture every hour. i will post it at the end of the day, but i got the idea from the clothes horse. i thought it was very interesting to offer a glimpse into each hour of the day. it also gives me an excuse to take more photos. i saw the project two days ago, but i didn't want to begin yesterday because i had to work.

i didn't have any new photos to post. that's why i didn't want to post. i almost cheated and just posted some photos that inspired me, but it felt cheap to do that. i promised myself with this new blog, i would always post new photos and explore new techniques so that i can grow. since i'm currently working on the new photos i am going to post, i figure i can still post stuff that i hasn't been seen yet. these are the very first photos i took with my new 50mm lens. unfortunately, it's only manual focus because it doesn't work with my nikon d3000. i'm having fun with it, though.

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