when i typed the title, i got this really terrible parody of the "i love you" barney song in my head. same melody, different words. it goes: i hate you, you hate me. i chased barney up a tree with a .45mm, shot him in the head. aren't you glad that barney's dead? i guess i only remember that because it was traumatic and my brother used to tease me about watching barney when i was seven. back on topic now...

these are the first pictures i have taken with my brand new AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens. i love it so much. i've been taking pictures of everything just to play with it. the above photo is my film "canister" from my high school days. it's kodak 400tx (my fave to shoot film with!), 20 exposures, but it's unusable because the top was off when i found it. it's exposed so it's a nice little memento from mr ciganek's photography and ib art classes. and i put "canister" in quotes because i cannot for the life of me recall what it is actually called. mr ciganek would make the joke,"do not call it a canister. it is not a grenade." gosh, i miss that crazy old guy. he was honest about my work and it made me work harder to prove him wrong.

the rest of the pictures i shot (besides my mother and alex) are of my mom making coquito. click the link to find out what coquito is. just know, it's TASTY.

he kept making faces because i was taking pictures of him. what a butthead.

alex's dog, zelda

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